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Farmers Africa (Zambia) Ltd is the factory outlet for veterinary products and agricultural inputs of Farmers Centre Ltd and Farmbase Ltd. However Farmers Africa started in 2015 where their main aim is to help all the farmers in Zambia and across Africa by having a profitable and good outcome for agricultural and poultry.

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Fluban 250ml

About Farmbase Limited?
Is a one of the leading private company dealing with importation, formulation and selling of farm inputs. Agro chemicals, veterinary drugs and seeds. Farmbase is one of the largest distributors of veterinary pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, rodenticide and acaricides here in Tanzania.

Farmbase Limited

Farmbase got its name well known all across the country by their products Paranex, Ratcide and Akheri powder.
Our company is your main source of veterinary products and agricultural inputs.